Fus Ro Dah!


If your a gamer, chances are you’d probably have seen or at least heard of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Nominated for so many awards for its excellent graphics, marvelous gameplay and compelling music.

I was skeptical at first when I saw its release and watched some video playthrough’s since I am not a big fan of first person games until my friend told me you could switch to a 3rd person view.

( I get dizzy after 15-30mins ).

After my friend hooked me up with a copy of the game, I started playing for a few hours but still wasn’t that impressed. But the more I got to playing Skyrim, the Story-line just drew me in.

Soon it was revealed that I had the ability to absorb a Dragons soul, “Siomai the Dovahkiin!”

I chose melee of course, being my forte in most online games. I didn’t have a problem adapting to the hack and slash switching to 3rd person view. Soon I discovered the wonders of Dual Wielding, which made my rampaging much more sweeter.

There are so many things you can do in this game, like tailoring, blacksmithing etc2x but I never really bothered with it since I was doing fairly well with the stuff I was acquiring through quests and hard chests.

I was playing Skyrim for about 3-5hrs during the last week of december and just finished it today, well technically I was FINISHED with the game. Skyrim probably would never end, you have endless amounts of quests to.

I was just doing the Main story-line quests and was really enjoying it and didn’t realize I had plowed through everything and had no idea it was over… Don’t get me wrong, the Main quest line was so well done I wanted more and more.

So feeling a bit bored I did some of the hidden quests for the Daedric Armor set which took me a good 1-3 days to finish…I was happy with just the Armor set and didn’t bother with the rest since there are about 15 in total including some weapons. And I could care less of staffs and what not ( Anti Mage Char >:D )Image

Its been ages since I truly enjoyed a single RPG game, truly Skyrim was an epic ride you’d want to sink your teeth into.

Graphics 9/10

Music 8/10

Gameplay 9/10


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