So Nyuh Shi Dae

Man oh man! Girls Generation! Probably the most popular Female K-pop group on the planet!
I actually got into them by accident… I was waiting on a E-Sports show on Arirang for some Starcraft action but I was about an hour early, so while waiting I figured I’d watch whatever was on and it happened to be Pops in Seoul.

Back then I wasn’t into K-pop yet, But when they showed SNSD’s MV “Into the new world” I was instantly pulled in by their charms. I’m not entirely sure what made me like their MV so much even though that was the very first time I saw it, I didn’t even know their names back then… Thank God for the internet!

I wasn’t following them as much back then too, not until they release “Genie” and that was probably the MV that sealed the deal for me. My love for them just grew and grew, Hopefully one day I would get to see them perform live.

Being a fan, seeing them grow… Its amazing how much they changed and somehow they’re still the same girls that made me adore them so much.

Now they are probably the most popular K-pop female group. Looking back and watching some of their shows from their pre-debut days, I could really see how much they worked so hard, sacrificed so much and patiently wait for all these blessings and love they are receiving from everyone.

Also Soshified, the best SNSD international group. If I hadn’t signed up, I probably would still be left in the dark. It was thanks to them that I get updated with all SNSD related news and goodies.

Sio forever a SONE.


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