Combofiend the comeback king!

Bionic Arm!!!

Marvel vs Capcom 3, probably my favorite fighting game to date.  The fast paced action and flashy skills make me want to buy a PS3 sometime soon!

So I’ve been watching a lot of MVC3 vidoes from Wednesday Night Fights and other tournaments, I gotta say my favorite player has got to be Combofiend. Not only is the guy good but he pulls off some of the epic comebacks in MVC3 history! I used to think Daigo was a beast ( I’m sure he still is ) But damn, Combofiend certainly proved to me that there are other predators out in the jungle.

Here’s one of Combofiends not just one but two epic comebacks,  Skip to 32:10 for it

(tho the whole vid was awesome to watch)


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