Gamer’s Body Found in Taiwan Internet Cafe Nine Hours After Dying


It’s terrible when this kind of thing isn’t just news, it’s familiar news. Taiwan resident Chen Jung-yu was found dead in an internet cafe in Taiwan’s New Taipei City, his body rigid and his hands still on the keyboard and mouse. Sources are conflicted–most believe he was playing World of Warcraft, but one outlet suggests that he was playing League of Legends.

As if that wasn’t horrible enough, it turns out that he’d been there unnoticed for up to nine hours, and even after his body was discovered, police stated that gamers around him paid little mind to what was going on and didn’t want to stop playing during the investigation.

According to his family, Chen had been treated for heart problems in 2011, but no official statement has been released as to the cause of death. The most likely cause appears to be a cardiac arrest caused by static position, low temperatures, and poor nutrition.

While I find this kind of thing to be a wake-up call (the elliptical walker in the garage is calling my name), what do you think? Is this a freak accident that only happens when people focus only on gaming to the detriment of their health, or is it a looming threat for anyone who happens to spend a lot of time sitting down?


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