Diablo 3, Good or Bad?

My first post in a long time from a hiatus…

So Diablo 3 has been gaining so much attention since its release on May 15, 2012. Selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release, Diablo 3 is certainly the fastest selling PC game to date.

So how is the game with all the hype and 12 years of work under its belt? In my opinion, not so good.
In terms of story line, it was wonderful…until you finish it in under 8hours.
They boasted about how there are endless replayability the game offers to players because of the Randomization of maps, well I hate to bursts Blizzard bubble but, I was able to memorize the pattern of the “Whimsyhire” map, the Secret cow level map of Diablo 3 in a days worth of farming.

Alot of exploits were seen during the first month of its release, exploits that made it possible for a lot of players to make some serious Cash and Gold… Making RMAH, and normal Auction houses’ price sky rocket. Leaving new players in awe of the prices of items. Even when new players find a good spot to farm gold from, you bet Blizzard will nerf it soon.

Pvp? not yet, they kept pushing it back since June…I wanted to see how broken PVP would be.

The only redeeming quality Diablo 3 has is its amazing CG graphics they have on their cutscenes.

I’ve clocked in about 300 hours of game time, and I could leave the game happily gaining the money back from purchasing Diablo 3.
Roughly about 19k Php ($470?). 😀

Would I recommend the game? NO!
If you want to play just for the story, just borrow an account from a friend.


One response

  1. RPGish

    I am in the same boat I think. I loved the game at first, really enjoyed finishing the story (though I was Normal mode was more challenging) and up until a couple of weeks ago I was enjoying leveling up my main, testing out new skills and finding loot. But it has become tedious and uninteresting fare more quickly than Diablo II ever did.

    July 21, 2012 at 4:41 am

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