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My Marvel Statues

So after starting out with PVC anime figures I now stumbled into Polystone statues and I am hooked on another line yet again >_<

I found my comfort size of 1/6 scales, favorite producers are probably Bowen and Kotobukiya

There is this awesome feeling of unboxing statues  that PVC figures can’t compare (PVC comes with their own charm aswell ^.^).  What I enjoy most about collecting these statues is the amount of detail they have, its like something straight out of the comic book or the old school cartoons that I grew up watching and having a solid weight feeling to them. The negative however is the price, man oh man are these things expensive…Not to mention that they take quite a bit of space, So I have to pick wisely and choose only characters/heroes that I loved as a kid and until now :3 I got my 1st pair of statues last July from a friend (Wrenhobbi) that runs his online toy shop here in the Philippines.  I am going to be continuing on collecting statues and PVC anime figures together but now limiting myself to a certain anime/line or my wallet’s gonna come to life and beat me.

Anyway here are some shots of the 4 statues I have right now, I have some on Order but i’ll be either get here by the end of the year or Mid next year…so I’m not holding my breath 😡

Kotobukiya Spider-man                                                                                                                                                 


Kotobukiya Venom


Bowen Designs Magneto Action pose


Bowen Designs Cable Modern costume 



One Piece Figures – Portrait of Pirates

Hazzah Hazzah, Finally got myself a few One Piece figures and they are from the Portrait of Pirates line from MEGAHOUSE. POP’s are my favorite in terms of quality, from the sculpting to the paint job and even to the feel of the figure. I have devoted myself to getting certain POP’s this year and I cannot wait to get my hands on the ones that are coming since I notice that the POP line continues to improve its quality. I hope to start doing Figure Reviews in the future regarding new POP releases as well. So here are some pictures of the current POP’s i have so far, enjoy!

Marco the Phoenix

Eustass Kid


Princess Shirahoshi


Boa Hancock (Blue Version)


Warcraft Figures

So I have always been a collector at heart, from cards to comics during my early teenage years but I had to stop in college. This year since I had the urge to start collecting figures and now capable of funding for myself, I started ordering and collecting figures again.

My biggest collection right now will probably be my Warcraft figures, I’m pretty sad that I started collecting these awesome figures so late.
I got my first 3 pieces in March(2013) and slowly got more and more, but the two most favorite characters I wanted are so rare to find in my city, that I cant even find a loose seller around.

Anyway enjoy, these are my current Warcraft figures…I hope to get the last 5 pieces I want in the future 😀





Warframe – Me likey Pew pew pew


First the Story of the warframes:

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.

The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you.

Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.

Come Tenno, you must join the war.


Warframe is surprisingly fun, I for one am not a big fan of shooting game but this game doesn’t seem to hit me hard on the head like others like it.
The game is still in its Close Beta phase and already I am impressed of what they have so far. Did I mention the CB Client is only 700mb? Yes 700mb! I know, I thought my download stopped halfway or something.

Now with that said, lets get into some details.
After the initial briefing and tutorials you will be given a starting Warframe, I was started with the Excalibur warframe.
There are atm 4 Frames that I have seen ingame, which are : Loki – Rhino – Excalibur – Mag

Seems like the Excalibur frame is the balanced among the starting 4.

Leveling / Ranking system:
You gain experience after each mission and during those times enemy kills may drop certain Mods which you can use to upgrade your arsenal.
You can either choose from Crit chance or Crit damage, or Mod your Warframe to have more health / shield.
Warframe 2013-01-13 14-15-40-124

Warframe 2013-01-13 14-16-18-324

Graphics: certainly wasn’t expecting a 700mb game to be this visually appealing.


Gameplay: Its a blast,I still can’t find the lobby where you can look for missions you want to join in, but other people seem to have no problem joining my game xD

All in all, Warframe is a game I am looking forward to playing from time to time in the future when it goes live.
I’ll give it a 8/10

Check out a quick video gameplay of me doing one of the early missions in game, stick around till the end of the video since it shows how to resurrect Downed allies and how missions End.


FrostFang! – Guild Wars 2

So after months and months of daily routines for Karma, Skill Points and that wait for the pesky map completion I have finally finished crafting my Legendary axe Frostfang! Simple and yet so fancy, I love how its breathing ice +_+ This tops off my “Dragon Slayer” look for my warrior.



But crafting this did not come cheap…but it was all worth it!
Still watching all my mats simply vanish into thin air was very heart wrenching…



I couldn’t have finished this without the help of my awesome guildies. Dom,Verdict and Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! Thank you so much 😀


This should keep me satisfied for a long time :3 I still hope Arenanet improves and polish all their current Legendary weapons before adding anymore.

Sword Art Online – 25 (Ending)


One of the greatest anime’s I have watched has ended, Sword Art Online! If you followed the anime until the very last, it delivered everything you could ever want in an anime. Very happy with the way they ended it aswell, I never read the novels yet ( spoiler purposes ) so I have no idea if they stuck to it or not, but very happy ending indeed (Kirito ♥ Asuna! YEAH!)


Glad to see SAO players are getting 2nd chances in society.
Seeing all of them gather is just awesome, Klein and Egil needed more parts in the anime but none the less were awesome characters in the anime.
I just wished the anime was longer :< Now the only anime I have left to look forward to on sundays…more on that later 😛


Kirito, such a player! haha But Its good that he was able to patch things up with Sugu ( Oh poor Sugu )

ending sao

If you haven’t watched this incredible anime I highly recommend it!

10/10 stars!

Rurouni Kenshin Movie – Review


So after months of waiting I was finally able to see this it! The live action adaptation to one of my favorite animes of all time.
The movie itself did not disappoint, I believe the actors made justice to their respective roles.

At first I was concerned on how they would basically alter the story from the anime but they were able to pull it off to make the plot have sense.
As for the fight scenes… It blew me away. When I think of anime adaptations, like so many that failed in the past…the fight scenes would turn very cheesy and very laughable. This one however is superb, fast paced choreography…hands down the best sword fighting anime I have every seen…since forever. But the movie wasn’t all action, I’m glad they mixed a little humor here and there like how it was in the anime.


So if you have the chance to watch this in theaters, go for it! Totally worth every bit of penny!

Also! the ending credit theme was by Ok One Rock ~ one of JP bands on the list to listen to. Check them out!

Guild Wars 2

To start off, I rarely get involve myself with lore/story of mmo’s and just rush everything and just level level level… Guild Wars 2 is different, I am enjoying and actually love “My Story”. Probably the only reason why I level up is because I wanted to be on the same par level as my Story Requirement.

Anet has definitely created a wonderful and stunning game, voice acting is superb except for a few cheesy phrases. (Not that its a really bad thing)
Graphically I love the game, the scenery for the Norn and Human lands just make you want to stop what you’re doing and just take some screen shots.

Gameplay wise its also engaging, fast paced and demanding at times.

I’m slowly trying to reach the cap and hopefully I can start with other characters and check out the other races story.
Any mmo lovers itching for a well done game, check out Guild wars 2.

Must watch Anime, Sword Art Online!


Diablo 3, Good or Bad?

My first post in a long time from a hiatus…

So Diablo 3 has been gaining so much attention since its release on May 15, 2012. Selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release, Diablo 3 is certainly the fastest selling PC game to date.

So how is the game with all the hype and 12 years of work under its belt? In my opinion, not so good.
In terms of story line, it was wonderful…until you finish it in under 8hours.
They boasted about how there are endless replayability the game offers to players because of the Randomization of maps, well I hate to bursts Blizzard bubble but, I was able to memorize the pattern of the “Whimsyhire” map, the Secret cow level map of Diablo 3 in a days worth of farming.

Alot of exploits were seen during the first month of its release, exploits that made it possible for a lot of players to make some serious Cash and Gold… Making RMAH, and normal Auction houses’ price sky rocket. Leaving new players in awe of the prices of items. Even when new players find a good spot to farm gold from, you bet Blizzard will nerf it soon.

Pvp? not yet, they kept pushing it back since June…I wanted to see how broken PVP would be.

The only redeeming quality Diablo 3 has is its amazing CG graphics they have on their cutscenes.

I’ve clocked in about 300 hours of game time, and I could leave the game happily gaining the money back from purchasing Diablo 3.
Roughly about 19k Php ($470?). 😀

Would I recommend the game? NO!
If you want to play just for the story, just borrow an account from a friend.