My Marvel Statues

So after starting out with PVC anime figures I now stumbled into Polystone statues and I am hooked on another line yet again >_<

I found my comfort size of 1/6 scales, favorite producers are probably Bowen and Kotobukiya

There is this awesome feeling of unboxing statues  that PVC figures can’t compare (PVC comes with their own charm aswell ^.^).  What I enjoy most about collecting these statues is the amount of detail they have, its like something straight out of the comic book or the old school cartoons that I grew up watching and having a solid weight feeling to them. The negative however is the price, man oh man are these things expensive…Not to mention that they take quite a bit of space, So I have to pick wisely and choose only characters/heroes that I loved as a kid and until now :3 I got my 1st pair of statues last July from a friend (Wrenhobbi) that runs his online toy shop here in the Philippines.  I am going to be continuing on collecting statues and PVC anime figures together but now limiting myself to a certain anime/line or my wallet’s gonna come to life and beat me.

Anyway here are some shots of the 4 statues I have right now, I have some on Order but i’ll be either get here by the end of the year or Mid next year…so I’m not holding my breath 😡

Kotobukiya Spider-man                                                                                                                                                 


Kotobukiya Venom


Bowen Designs Magneto Action pose


Bowen Designs Cable Modern costume 



One Piece Figures – Portrait of Pirates

Hazzah Hazzah, Finally got myself a few One Piece figures and they are from the Portrait of Pirates line from MEGAHOUSE. POP’s are my favorite in terms of quality, from the sculpting to the paint job and even to the feel of the figure. I have devoted myself to getting certain POP’s this year and I cannot wait to get my hands on the ones that are coming since I notice that the POP line continues to improve its quality. I hope to start doing Figure Reviews in the future regarding new POP releases as well. So here are some pictures of the current POP’s i have so far, enjoy!

Marco the Phoenix

Eustass Kid


Princess Shirahoshi


Boa Hancock (Blue Version)