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Guild Wars 2

To start off, I rarely get involve myself with lore/story of mmo’s and just rush everything and just level level level… Guild Wars 2 is different, I am enjoying and actually love “My Story”. Probably the only reason why I level up is because I wanted to be on the same par level as my Story Requirement.

Anet has definitely created a wonderful and stunning game, voice acting is superb except for a few cheesy phrases. (Not that its a really bad thing)
Graphically I love the game, the scenery for the Norn and Human lands just make you want to stop what you’re doing and just take some screen shots.

Gameplay wise its also engaging, fast paced and demanding at times.

I’m slowly trying to reach the cap and hopefully I can start with other characters and check out the other races story.
Any mmo lovers itching for a well done game, check out Guild wars 2.