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My Marvel Statues

So after starting out with PVC anime figures I now stumbled into Polystone statues and I am hooked on another line yet again >_<

I found my comfort size of 1/6 scales, favorite producers are probably Bowen and Kotobukiya

There is this awesome feeling of unboxing statues  that PVC figures can’t compare (PVC comes with their own charm aswell ^.^).  What I enjoy most about collecting these statues is the amount of detail they have, its like something straight out of the comic book or the old school cartoons that I grew up watching and having a solid weight feeling to them. The negative however is the price, man oh man are these things expensive…Not to mention that they take quite a bit of space, So I have to pick wisely and choose only characters/heroes that I loved as a kid and until now :3 I got my 1st pair of statues last July from a friend (Wrenhobbi) that runs his online toy shop here in the Philippines.  I am going to be continuing on collecting statues and PVC anime figures together but now limiting myself to a certain anime/line or my wallet’s gonna come to life and beat me.

Anyway here are some shots of the 4 statues I have right now, I have some on Order but i’ll be either get here by the end of the year or Mid next year…so I’m not holding my breath 😡

Kotobukiya Spider-man                                                                                                                                                 


Kotobukiya Venom


Bowen Designs Magneto Action pose


Bowen Designs Cable Modern costume