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Rurouni Kenshin Movie – Review


So after months of waiting I was finally able to see this it! The live action adaptation to one of my favorite animes of all time.
The movie itself did not disappoint, I believe the actors made justice to their respective roles.

At first I was concerned on how they would basically alter the story from the anime but they were able to pull it off to make the plot have sense.
As for the fight scenes… It blew me away. When I think of anime adaptations, like so many that failed in the past…the fight scenes would turn very cheesy and very laughable. This one however is superb, fast paced choreography…hands down the best sword fighting anime I have every seen…since forever. But the movie wasn’t all action, I’m glad they mixed a little humor here and there like how it was in the anime.


So if you have the chance to watch this in theaters, go for it! Totally worth every bit of penny!

Also! the ending credit theme was by Ok One Rock ~ one of JP bands on the list to listen to. Check them out!