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Sword Art Online – 25 (Ending)


One of the greatest anime’s I have watched has ended, Sword Art Online! If you followed the anime until the very last, it delivered everything you could ever want in an anime. Very happy with the way they ended it aswell, I never read the novels yet ( spoiler purposes ) so I have no idea if they stuck to it or not, but very happy ending indeed (Kirito ♥ Asuna! YEAH!)


Glad to see SAO players are getting 2nd chances in society.
Seeing all of them gather is just awesome, Klein and Egil needed more parts in the anime but none the less were awesome characters in the anime.
I just wished the anime was longer :< Now the only anime I have left to look forward to on sundays…more on that later 😛


Kirito, such a player! haha But Its good that he was able to patch things up with Sugu ( Oh poor Sugu )

ending sao

If you haven’t watched this incredible anime I highly recommend it!

10/10 stars!


Must watch Anime, Sword Art Online!